We are building a “Family Entertainment Complex” centered on youth travel sports, health & fitness and entertainment. Our vision is clear! We needed to build a facility that did not strictly depend on the local demographics. We needed to build a Family Entertainment Complex that would attract both domestic and international customers. We needed to be strategically located between world class airports to make ease of getting to our location a “Non-Factor” in their decision to come. We needed something for the entire family to enjoy eliminating the need to leave our property and spend money elsewhere. It became clear we needed sports fields, but we also needed Great Restaurants, Amazing & Unique Retail Shopping, a Technology or Business Center, A Water Park, fitness classes (all Levels), Kiddy Day Care Center & Play Grounds, Fitness Trails, Hiking Trails, Rock Climbing, Clay along with Trap & Shoot Course, On Site Housing for Players/Coaches, Hotels-Glamping-Cottages for families and finally Music & Entertainment. All of the aforementioned assets would be centered on youth sports, family fitness, music & entertainment and the advancement of youth athletes.


Marketing begins three years before the Family Entertainment Complex is open for business. Travel coaches in the US and abroad plan one to two years in advance what tournaments their teams will be participating. Coaches and the parents of players are the decision makers with the coaches having the final say. We will start the day we close funding building a web presence and hype around our complex. We will immediately engage our marketing team and empower them to travel domestically and internationally to travel youth sporting events and tournaments. Their mission will be to introduce our product to every travel coach on the planet. We will set up booth or tent space at every event that allows outside vendors to inform coaching staff and parents about our complex. We will hold events every 6-months at either an Orlando Resort Hotel or an area Beach Resort and bring in the power players in the travel sports industry. They will participate with us in refining our assets, having training peer group sessions, brain storming sessions, introduction of the latest software and hardware, equipment vendor’s updates, all with the intent of getting them to commit to future scheduling at our complex. We will establish from the start we intend on being the global leader in sports related Family Entertainment. We anticipate on spending approximately $3.2 million on marketing (Pre-Grand Opening) and approximately 7% of projected annual revenue thereafter.


Parents worldwide are becoming increasingly aware that children involved in sports become better students, they are healthier, better family members and better more productive workers.

Atheletes from across the globe of all ages will participate at our

Family Entertainment Complex


Minutes from Orlando International and Tampa International

Sports-Music-Waterpark-Pro Training

Sports Venues Private Placement dated 08/16/2017

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